At Bronson Park Tai Chi Chuan, all are welcome.

As per our founder’s vision, we believe that the martial arts belong to all and it is our desire to include as many people as possible.

We are now back at Bronson Park. Thanks to everyone who has joined us this past year on Zoom, but it’s time to get back together in person. We are back to our regular schedule, which you can see below. So far everyone who has joined us has been fully vaccinated. We’ve been having a “masks optional” policy lately since more than half of the population has been vaccinated. Plus, we’re 6-10’ apart in the park, and we’re outside. So, it’s a pretty safe environment. Hope to see you all soon.  


Every Saturday

  • 8:30am – 9:15am: 2-Person Matching Set (Recommended for Advanced Students – Beginner students may participate if they desire or quietly observe)
  • 9:15am – 10:00am: Sword Form [Chinese Jian + Chinese Broadsword (“Dao”)] – (All skill levels welcome!) *Weapons are provided
  • 10:00am – 10:45am: Short Form & Long Form (All skill levels welcome!)
  • 10:45:am – 11:00am: Short Break (Water + Restrooms are available!)
  • 11:00am – 11:30am: Group Instruction (All skill levels welcome! The Long Form, 2-Person Form, and Sword Form will be open for instruction, for those who want a deeper understanding of Tai Chi)

*Tai Chi flyers and resources are available for referance!

Group Etiquette

  • Bow/Salute (Left Palm over Right Fist) before entering the Tai Chi Practice Area [Tai Chi Sign + Tai Chi Zone Sign form natural entrance]
  • Bow/Salute (Left Palm over Right Fistbefore and after practicing with another student

*Once entering the Tai Chi Practice Area, we encourage you to keep moving! One of Tai Chi’s primary concepts is continue movement. Once in the group, do your best to keep your body in motion in any way you can (stretch your shoulders, walk in place, move your hips or practice your form!) Stay away from idleness as much as possible. Give it a try!

Fees and Prices

Minimum donation: $5.00

*We will never turn anyone away for lack of funds!